Most important 5 Image Optimization Tip

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Most important 5 Image Optimization Tip

August 21, 2015 Business 0

One image worth thousands of words. Instead of writing more and more content you can easy design an attractive image will drive more traffic to the website but you place in website we should think about problem with speed of the page loading time. These are tips for image optimization

Alt tag

  In case there is problem in loading the page and or image is

not displayed then alt tag will display the Keyword which you have placed in that alt tag so that user can understand that. This also will help the crawler in the finding the images so that image will get optimized  example balamuraliseo as keyword in the

 alt tag

 <img src=”balamuraliseo.gif” alt=”balamuraliseo ” height=”50″ width=”50″> 

File Name

 While creating the file you can name the file related to the image or use the keyword in the filename  avoid using the related filename for example balamuraliseo.jpg balamurali.gif

Image size

Keep the size of the image small so that you can loading time of the following website will be increase and this will help in optimization of the image if the image of  the particular size is the 

Image placement 

You should know for which situation with image should be used so that you will be able to attract more visitors

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