Just 2 Tips You Need know in Seo

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Just 2 Tips You Need know in Seo

October 29, 2014 content 0

Most people think that seo is very difficult but that truth it is very easy .Fundamental seo configuration is very easy and simple but many of the think basic seo is hard. so what you need to do is first you should remove this thought from your mind. if you just apply the  simple configuration of seo to your website in the beginning then your website is exposed to most of the top search engines

Here is the tips for the simple effective seo Tips.

Titles ,url and Description.

First impression is the best impression.

 If a person need your product or service. He goes to the search engine And start searching it in the search box. Search engine just displays all the result.

 Person is able to see only Title and url Description in the search result so the secret is this. Out all the description and url and titles your Website title and url and description is catchy and effective.

Your will get the click. Just as an internet.Even i will  look the website which is catchy and user friendly. Out of all the website result which website description gives me the good idea about the website in the description itself without clicking it I will choose the website so concentrate more on the title, url and description

Unqiue and useful content.

    Knowledge is power.

Second Tips

Internet user eagerly waiting for the  recent  updates in everything the
best ways to drive traffic to your website  is blogs. If your blog is outdated and the information in the blog is not useful to the user then user will not return to the website for next time so the keep your website updated so that you can drive more traffic to website if more visitor website lead conversation rate will definitely increase


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